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Culture stone mold technical training 

Good news: since March 1, 2013, our factory join for each factory rent artificial culture stone mold guarantee hundred are all high quality silicone rubber mold, and at the same time provide grass red bay brand licensing, join for each manufacturer to so e every problem on the brand, technology, capital.

Please call for details 400 638 1508.

 New Year's day started in 2013 in order to expand brand awareness, digs deeper into the market, we have cooperation with the people net, 35 large and medium-sized cities throughout the country building decoration channel into set-top advertising, each join the factory address, phone also will appear in this advertisement, the new and old customers to contact the nearest convenient business!

We strive to use 1-2 years of time, all major cities in the country to establish our grass red bay branch or affiliated factory, our brand red grass bay do bigger and stronger, to achieve resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win!  invite people with lofty ideals and seek common development!

1.       The good news! Since January 1, 2011, in our factory purchase mould material one-off 10 tons or more, free door to door to send technical personnel (domestic only) supporting the factory! Each area only a! (this kind of cooperation way for have take order to production as soon as possible the delivery of the goods) for details, please inquire another debate (foreign clients)

2.       About with our factory to start factory notice:

For technology into productivity as soon as possible production, occupy the market form the brand effect, our factory decided since October 2011 for inviting in all over the country to join branch, the benefit sharing risk with when, can adopt share-holding cooperation also can be used to produce the commission way cooperation.

Set up factory conditions of cooperation:

Your: 1, the local has a certain sales channels, has a ready-made order is better

2, local real estate companies have certain relation network

3, to have strong interest for artificial culture stone plant

All of the units or individuals who have more conditions can consider cooperation with our factory to open branch:

You are required to provide:

1, according to the scale of production, provide no less than 300 square production workshop

2. With 150000 or more money

We provide:

1, the main production equipment

2, a full set of production technology

3, the main production technical engineers and production site management

4, the mature brand: red grass bay (licensing) cooperation period

5, the main production of raw materials (can also be purchased)

Hope sincerely partners of speed to inquire: 400-6381508. Each area around 300 km range only one!


Note: if wants to invest this project also feeling a need to send professional and technical personnel to guide your inspection whether suitable for factory, our factory can send someone to come to your factory inspection, but travel expenses need you bear, please be informed that!



What is artificial culture stone? Now what we mean by artificial culture stone refers to our used for indoor metope adornment of a kind of special building materials, is a relatively natural culture stone.

With the development of the society, interior decoration, stone material constantly. All kinds of high quality stone material under the quality of interior designers, became a rich space decoration of a scenery, wall stone, in particular, guide consumer's attention, has become almost a year of decoration industry to be bestowed favor on newly - this is the culture stone. Actually this kind of stone material itself is not attached to any cultural meaning, its attractive colour and lustre is the feature of grain can keep natural and original style, and deployment of change color and stone texture can be connotation and art show. Comply with people advocate natural culture idea of returning to nature, people referred to this kind of stone for stone "culture" in this decorative stone walls, walls made of landscape, etc., can give a kind of culture and natural flavor.

In recent years, many want to get on the project, but by its knew nothing about the market situation and production process do not know how to start. Aimed at this situation, we hope that through this platform for project colleagues interested in artificial culture stone production provide a business and the opportunity to learn from each other, whether it has investment in artificial culture stones factory is going to be a technological improvement, or have a new plan to invest in artificial culture stone factory, my friend, the hope can give you some help.

In many years of production practice, we also summarize unceasingly, accumulated the rich practical experience, has trained numerous professional artificial culture stone production and technical personnel. And support a number of artificial culture stone factory, there are small scale production also has a certain scale of professional chemical plant, both the new business of artificial culture stone factory has used to be a natural stone material production and on artificial culture is a project. Nowadays, these factories have made a lot of economic benefits.

How much investment? Investment or not? How to invest? Market prospect? How to produce? How to control the quality of production? What is specific formulation and production process? And so on these problems, I believe is our most concern of the initial investors. We can take you on a little detours horse as soon as possible!

Hope to investors for the market, it is recommended that interested in artificial culture stone production friends first examines the market, it is best to have a ready-made order, and to the market as the breakthrough point, can first begins with a small factory, do product while doing market, to market expanded to expand production scale, as you also calculate head, after all, a good project of market possession of gold period will not be too long! Head start success will belong to you!


Special note: in the New Year we will take the way of professional support factory to cooperation with you, the concrete cooperation way points two kinds, one kind is small-scale production, the other is a large scale production. Small-scale production only need to input a small amount of machinery and equipment, small space, staff can; Mass production need to put the equipment into the field and some money is opposite bigger, suitable for the larger order of delivery.

Specific circumstances please give me a message or contact us.

In order to make new culture stone factory up and as soon as possible, we can provide the product registered trademark licensing, use we have molding products registered trademark, you will be better, to help you!

On behalf of moulds made by artificial culture stone, are sold by weight not transparent price, welcome to inquire!




Shijiazhuang HONGCAOWAN  Artificial culture stone factory


Since January 1, 2011, in our factory purchase mould material one-off 10 tons or more, free door to door to send technical personnel supporting the factory! Each area only a! For details, please inquire!


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